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Lab Animal (Europe) Packed with European content and topical issues, Lab Animal is established as the leading publication for scientists, facility managers and technicians throughout Europe. Year on year it continues to grow and is Europe’s most widely distributed publication in the Laboratory Animal Science sector of the research industry. Display advertising Inside Front Cover Inside Back Cover Outside Back Cover Centre spread Full page Half page horizontal Island Advert or half page portrait Quarter page Basic Industry Showcase Enhanced Industry Showcase Bespoke digital printing Recruitment Advertising Full Page Half Page Quarter Page Special features Flyer insertion (A5 single page) Brochure/Catalogue insertion Bellyband (including printing) Tip on (including printing) £ 3377 3377 3377 3377 1660 913 1038 536 270 433 poa 743 527 311 462 poa 1350 886 Artwork Submission Dates Issue February March April May June July August September October November December Artwork Date 10.01.19 01.02.19 01.03.19 05.04.19 03.05.19 07.06.19 05.07.19 02.08.19 06.09.19 04.10.19 01.11.19 Package discounts are available, contact our team for more information: info@agenda-mc.co.uk “We target the Lab Animal European Professionals so you don’t have to” www.agenda-mc.co.uk